How To Get An Extraordinary Driving License

Every individual has a dream to have the driving license because driving license can allow them to freely move from one place to another on their own vehicle without any fear or restriction. People have faced many issues while taking the driving license. Many people have filed in their driving tests for several times so, they are being very tensed that how they can get the driving license and many people have wasted huge amount of money in the driving schools but they could not be passed their driving tests. In some cases, drivers have got their driving licenses but they have to face the disqualifications by the courts due to different reasons. After being disqualified by the courts, they have to file a case in the court for an extraordinary driving license and to fulfill this purpose they have to hire the drink driving lawyer Perth who will present the extraordinary driving license case in the court. In some cases, disqualified drivers are not allowed to apply for the extraordinary driving license for instance a person has been disqualified under the demerit suspension then he/she would not be allowed to file a case for extraordinary driving license. Solely, this is the discretion of the court to allow the disqualified driver with extraordinary driving license in case the lawyer of disqualified person satisfies the court. Disqualified person must have to submit the fees for applying for the extraordinary driving license. If the court has accepted the application, then the person has to hire a lawyer to pursue his/her case. Court delivers a notice of hearing to the person so, the disqualified person has to be present on that date in the court along with his/her lawyer. 

Benefits of having the extraordinary driving license:

The major benefit of having the extraordinary driving license is that the disqualified person can drive his/her car freely or without any lawful restriction based on the orders of the honorable court. Court basically allow disqualified person for driving under some rare circumstances for the limited time period. Court observe that if the disqualified person does not break any rule then they might allow them for driving for the longer time period but entirely it’s the discretion of the court that the person should be allowed for driving or not. It actually provides a mental relief to the person who has been disqualified by the court.


We always recommend people to choose the competent lawyer for the extraordinary driving license hearing. Professional and competent lawyer has the capability to make the strong points and present in front of court to satisfy them. Further, please click on the following link to check out the entire details about our law firm Here you go (Main Campaign)