Mathews, Dooley And Gibson, A Complete Platform For Lawyers And Conveyancers

Mathews, Dooley and Gibson are the founder of the law firm. We have been providing our services to the mass audience for more than a decade. We have a series of successful cases because we have hired an experienced and educated lawyers who listen to the issues of our clients carefully and respond to the as per the requirements. They speak o their behalf and raise their voice in their favour. We believe in providing justice to our valuable clients at affordable prices. We work for the humanity. Our aim is to help other people who does not have knowledge of laws, rules and regulation.

The Services:

Following are the lawyers who practice under the shelter of Mathews, Dooley and Gibson firm.

  • Buying and Selling of Property:

The buying and selling of property are always a hectic procedure as there are so many points that need to be considered when it comes to real estate. It is not a cup of tea that we just decided to by it or sell it. It needs to look into the following points.

  1. The property that we are going to buy is not illegal.
  2. We have proper complete documents when we are selling the property.
  • The contract is fully read by both the parties when we are planning to rent out a property.
  1. If there is leasing in buying or selling a property then all the points and amount should be clearly defined.

Above notes are important for all the categories of the property, it means whether, it is a commercial property, residential or industrial property.

  • Business or Franchise:

A franchise is basically the legal permission from the parent company to the person who wants to open the outlet that brand. A parent company issue a document of franchise of the company and the person in return pays royalty to the company. A person is bound to follow the same rules and regulation, the theme or everything like the parent company.

  • Criminal Laws:

If a person or group of people had violated the pre-stated rules and regulation of the state the he is liable to get the punishment from the justice of the state. Following are the points come under criminal law.

  1. Violence of traffic rules
  2. Theft
  • Robbery
  1. Killed Someone
  2. Fraud
  3. Sexual assault
  • Drug Charges etc.

We also have a family lawyers Baulkham Hills and lawyers who deal in employment law, state law, partnership laws, compensation claims and retirement laws. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time in thinking and waiting for the justice. Discuss your issues with us and we shall bring a peace in your life in less time.